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Useful Terms and Definitions

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  • Medicare Certified

    • A provider that has been certified by Medicare and is eligible to participate in and receive payment from the Medicare program.

  • The SmartMatchSM Program

    • SmartMatch providers agree to provide Genworth with up-to-date information about service capabilities and standards. No one pays to be part of our database. We independently compile licensing details, government ratings, cost of care and service details for all provider types, nationwide.

  • State Licensed

    • A state licensed provider is a provider that has been licensed by the state and meets the requirements set forth by the state in which it operates.

  • The Participating Provider Program (PPP)

    • Some states do not offer personal care licenses. Home care agencies that operate in these states are invited to join the Genworth Participating Provider Program. For this program we've selected several elements common in many of the states' personal care license regulations, such as background check requirements and formal complaint resolution process. In order to participate in the program, these providers must attest to us that they have fulfilled all these requirements.

  • Home Care Standards Score

    • Genworth surveys home care providers to learn more about them. Part of this survey includes a list of over 30 practices that are prevalent among home care agencies in the U.S. We ask providers to tell us how many of the practices they use in their business and then calculate a percentage based on the total number. This percentage becomes the Standards Score.

  • Special Focus Facility (SFF)

    • Medicare will add a certified nursing home to the Special Focus Facility list when the nursing home has accumulated higher than average deficiencies over several survey periods. The intent is to help the facility focus on deficient areas and improve their performance. Genworth does not normally include this provider on an options list. If providers with this designation appear on your options list, it is because, after we informed you that we have received negative information about this provider, you requested that we nonetheless list this information.

  • Cost of Care Comparison

    • Below Average:

      The provider tends to cost less than the average cost of care in the care recipient's area.


      The provider's cost is average compared to other providers in the care recipient's area.

      Above Average:

      The provider tends to cost more than the average cost of care in the care recipient's area.