Think about the home safety of your loved one

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Think about the home safety of your loved one

Maintaining independence and safety in the home is an important issue for families who are caring for aging loved ones.  As needs change, it is important to take measures to help keep your loved ones safe in their homes.  Genworth has put together several home safety checklists to help families think through areas of the house that may need a safety upgrade.

A good place to begin is to look at the outside environment.  For example are the walkways easy to use? Would adding a ramp make it safer or easier? We also have a checklist of things to consider during any adverse weather conditions and how to prepare for disasters.

Inside the home, consider the lighting available. Good lighting, both natural and artificial, is essential for overall safety and well-being and can decrease the likelihood of falls.  We also have a checklist dedicated to fall prevention to think about hazards that may be in the home that can contribute to falls. Specific rooms that can pose increased safety risks are the kitchen and bathrooms as there are several potential dangers in those areas.   It is also important to consider fire safety throughout the house – would your loved one is be able to remain safe in the case of a fire?

Medication management is another area of concern for the elderly due to multiple opportunities for medication errors.  Our medication safety tips can provide a platform to review new and existing medications as well as medication safe practices to keep your loved one safe. 

As we age, sometimes our world gets smaller due to both physical and cognitive issues and the telephone is an essential way to keep a loved one connected.  Our phone safety tips help you to avoid the challenges telephones present and you may also be interested in a separate blog about safeguarding against financial scams.

Keeping your loved one safe at home increases the chance that they can remain there for as long as possible.

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Liz Boardman
Care Advocate, Genworth

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