Home Safety Checklist for Lighting

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Home Safety Checklist for Lighting

These lighting safety tips can help your loved ones remain safe at home for as long as possible. Some lighting safety improvements can be made easily. Others may require the help of a professional.

  • Be sure your loved ones vision is checked regularly and that their eyeglasses are in good condition.
  • Check to see that all light switches are accessible to those in a wheelchair or walker.
  • Make sure there are flashlights and extra batteries in an easy to reach place.
  • Check that blinds, curtains, and shades are in working order and can be left open during the day for more natural light.
  • Install automatic nightlights to assist in orienting an individual at night. This is especially important if frequent trips to the bathroom are necessary.
  • Check around the house for areas of low lighting. Poor visibility can affect depth perception and create risk for falls.
  • Maintain well-lit outdoor stairways and entrances. Consider motion sensors or light sensors that increase visibility for entrances at night.
  • Make sure someone can replace burnt out light bulbs. Keep a supply of lightbulbs on hand.

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